Things Typically Left Off The Checklist When Buying Real Estate


The act of buying real estate is complex and drawn out for good reason. The making of such a large investment should not be taken lightly, and there are a number of external considerations that should be double checked before you sign anything.

Do Your Research

Aside from the usual concerns typically associated with buying real estate (does it have the right amount of bedrooms/bathrooms? Is it in a good neighbourhood? Can I afford it?), it’s important to be sure you are actually getting what you pay for. This can be determined simply by doing your research, investigating that everything is as advertised. Before you buy, check whether there are any existing claims or easements over the property, get an independent valuation, and never be afraid to walk away if something isn’t to your liking.

The Difficulty of Easements

An easement is essentially a right of way that an individual, or sometimes the public, has over part of a particular piece of real estate. This allows them to enter your property for

Rules About Buying Real Estate Within an IRA Account


Using an IRA for real estate investment purposes can be highly profitable, as long as you make the right choices and follow the rules. Here are some of the things that you need to consider.

Choose Your Custodial Company Carefully

As with anything else, there are good companies and some that are not so good. It is not unusual to see companies charge high fees when someone is buying real estate within an IRA account. Sure, more paperwork is involved, but really good companies do not charge higher fees for handling the paperwork. Their annual fees are based on your total account value, so they have a vested interest in “wanting” your fund to grow.

Some custodians won’t even allow you to use your IRA for real estate investment purposes. And, of course, if that option is not offered, you’ll have to transfer your fund or take a roll-over.

Learn the Rules

Roll-overs are only allowed once per year, but you may conduct several transfers. It could be costly,

Do Your Real Estate Signs Include The Right Info


Do you know what information on your real estate sign will get you the most results? We do. Don’t gamble – design a custom sign that says all the right things.

What are “all the right things?”

It’s fairly obvious that certain things should be included on your real estate sign, but you do have options. Quite a few, as it turns out.

Because we have 25 years of experience in the industry, we know what makes an effective real estate sign. And we’re happy to share our secrets with you.

An effective real estate sign starts with a plan:

What is your main attraction? It may be the well-known and trusted real estate company you work for. Maybe it’s your name – a lot of people know you. Or it might be the size of the houses you generally sell. Whatever your biggest appeal is, use it.

Perhaps you know a lot of people in your relatively small community. You’re on the PTA, the town council and

The Path To Finding Better Options

A Quick Guide to Real Estate Are you familiar about real estate? You might have read about this in magazines and newspapers. Well real estate refers to the piece of land property that a person owns. There are many who see real estate investments are worthy to get because of its longevity. Let us look at it more closely. When it comes to real estate, there are different types of properties that are available in the market. We will be discussing each of these here. The most popular form of real estate is the house and lot. When it comes to houses and lots, there are many choices available. The primary difference in these houses is in the lot area. Those small ones are usually the bungalow type houses. These are usually the cheapest house and lot that one can buy. After this comes the next size which are the suburban homes. This is bigger in lot and floor area than the bungalow. This one would be more expensive than the bungalow house. The third type of houses are the mansions of the rich and the famous. These houses are considered mansion because of its big size.

Be Smart And Follow These Tips On Buying Real Estate

The main issue of real estate is the risk that a property will lose its value. Here’s some tips on this subject.

When making your offer on a house you are interested in, it is possible to ask the seller to help with closing costs or provide other financial incentives. For example, you might request that the seller buy down the rate of interest for a couple of years. Some sellers may not want to give you a price break on the home if you ask for financial perks.

Sellers will warn to you when you carry around a letter of mortgage approval with you. Waiting for approval will also cost you time during the process of buying, which might ultimately cost you dollars as well.

If you’re buying real estate, seek the guidance of a broker or real estate agent. These people have a lot of resources that you might not be able to get. One of the useful tools brokers work with is special software that sorts through MLS listings based on various types of criteria. This specialized software makes your search for a new

Buying Real Estate with Leverage

“The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure.” -BC Forbes

Leverage is a way in which the casual investor can buy real estate with very little capital. The investor
can buy real estate is that worth a lot more then the investor total assets or equity. In most cases, a real estate investor can receive loans up to 90% of the total worth of the property he wishes to buy. The investor signs a mortgage based on leverage. This is because real estate investing is extremely low risk and any real estate investment is predicted to drastically increase the wealth of the investor.

Real estate is one of the only consumer purchases which appreciates over time. Unlike cars, vacations, or computers – buying real estate is a true investment. Real estate usually doubles in value every 5 years.

Based on inflation, real estate appreciated by at least 4 % yearly. Real estate is a great long term investment and is a great way to use a little capital and turn it into a huge profit. For example if an investor

Real Estate and Wealth Building What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Real Estate

Everyone wants to get a bargain when they buy real estate. I’ve NEVER met anyone who said, “I hope can find property to buy today and pay the owners a lot more than it is worth.”

But what you may not realize is that not everyone is trying to sell their property at retail market value.

I know that may sound a little crazy when you first hear it. But the fact of the matter is that people sell real estate for a lot of different reasons. And sometimes those reasons mean that a quick sale is more important to them than selling for a high price.

The most critical factor in real estate purchases is finding the “true value” of a property.

Once you know the value of a property, you’ll know whether you are getting a bargain or a money pit.

After you’ve figured out the true value, there are other things you will need to consider:

* after repair value – what will the property value be after needed repairs?

* the

When is the Best Time to Buy Real Estate

Think it’s not a good time to invest in real estate? Think again! A combination of factors are now in alignment, making this market one of the best in recent history for real estate investing.

  1. Investors are jumping back into the market – Yes, many investors have been on the sideline for the last year and a half, sitting on their cash and waiting for signs of life. But signs of life are appearing everywhere, and now is the time to get back in the market, while prices are still low
  2. Prices are unlikely to go any lower – Real estate prices in most areas have hit bottom, and the only direction they can go is up. The smartest investors are already grabbing good deals again. What does this all mean for real estate investors like you? More opportunities to reap huge profits.
  3. Banks want to get rid of properties… FAST – Even though foreclosure rates are slowing and the housing market is springing back to life, banks still haven’t processed all their foreclosure properties. They are looking to unload these properties – quickly!
  4. Low interest rates – Interest rates have dropped again, and may go even lower. Rates are

How to Buy Real Estate With No Money Down Today

The market is so beneficial for home buyers now everyone wants to learn how to buy real estate with no money down. And with the recent subprime lending scandal that contributed to several large financial institutions facing collapse, and in no small measure to the current financial crisis, you may think that your dream of real estate investing is gone forever.

That’s not true though, and there remain several viable options, allowing many first time homeowners to get into their own home, the first step on the real estate investing ladder, and making it possible for investors to access finance for investment properties.

Conventional Finance

Conventional finance takes into account your credit score, with the minimum threshold being in the region of 527 having been approved, as well as your debt to earnings ratio, and any equity or investments you may have to contribute, even your 401(k).

The thing to remember with conventional finance is that the better your credit score, the better the interest rate will be, since the financier will see you as a better risk option. The solution? Clean up your

What is the Best Way to Buy Real Estate

There probably isn’t any question asked of me more often then if now is a good time to buy real estate. It’s my opinion that everyone in the investment community knows that there are more distressed assets for sale now than in recent memory. And I am not talking about only distressed real estate assets. I’m talking about distressed assets in every asset class.

The question isn’t whether or not it’s a good time to buy real estate, because absolutely it is. The questions is, “what real estate should you buy and how should you buy it?”. Are you as an individual in a position to purchase that real estate yourself, or would you be better off to go in with other people?

There are some pro’s and con’s to going in with other people. First, you may or may not have control as you would have by yourself. But that might be good if you’re not an experienced expert in acquiring, improving and disposing of real estate assets. Aligning yourself with people who are experts might just be the best thing that you can do. Further, buying something by yourself may limit you as to

Buying Real Estate Taxes ow Can I Make Money Investing in Tax Property

If you’ve heard the term “buying real estate taxes,” it’s generally referring to buying tax liens or tax deeds. Tax property is a big money-maker in the current economy, but you don’t have be buying real estate taxes in the form of liens or deeds to make a lot of money. There are two especially easy ways to make money with tax property, and one doesn’t even involve property ownership.

1. Invest in tax property outside the auction. Buying real estate taxes is done by bidding on the taxes. The highest bidder wins. This is a sub-par way to get this property. Bidding creates a lot of competition and inflates the price of the property associated with the taxes. You can’t inspect the property you’re buying real estate taxes from, and you have to come up with your entire bid in cash, right then and there.

A much better time to get tax property is after the property has already been sold at tax sale. The owner can still legally sell it during the redemption period, and your competition has moved on to the next tax sale. By waiting until

How To Buy Real Estate Notes

If you are new to property investing and are looking for how to buy real estate notes, there are two very specific ways to go about it. There are a multitude of real estate note listings you can choose from, and there are brokers who specialize in both buying and selling them.

What a broker does is what the name implies. He or she brokers a deal between you and the seller of the note. Using a broker is recommended if you are new to this as there are many legalities that need to be taken into consideration that a novice will not know of. A broker receives a fee for the initial meeting of the buyer and seller, and he or she receives a fee for drawing up all the necessary paperwork.

These fees are nominal and they are well worth it when you consider the price you will most likely be paying for the note itself. People sell off their notes for the quick cash that it offers. This translates to an awfully good deal for the buyers because they are getting real estate for a bargain price.

Buying Real Estate Notes From Banks

Buying real estate notes from banks can be a great investment activity. These notes are legally binding documents offered by a lender to a buyer of property, they spell out the terms and conditions wherein the buyer repays the capital. The actual payment amount, interest rate, and due date would all be indicated clearly in the real estate note document. Today, this type of investment transaction has become common place, banks often trade in these notes as part of their regular business practices.

Whatever the reason for wanting to buy a real estate note, it is important to carry out an adequate amount of research at the initial stage. Just as the diversity of properties in the country is vast, so are the types of real estate notes. Apart from purchasing the documents from banks, there is also the option of doing so from private lenders as well as brokers. Be aware that when purchasing a note, you will also take control of all the terms that are attached to it.

You can use a search engine to quickly identify a list of establishments that sell these investment documents, it

5 Little Known Tips to Consider Before Buying Real Estate Property

It is quite a common saying that “owning a house is not for everybody;” while there is some truth to this statement, it is perhaps more correct to say that “owning a house is not for everybody right now.” When it comes to buying real estate property then the proper timing is everything. If you go out searching for a home to buy without making sure that your personal and financial situation is in order, then you could end up getting in trouble a few years down the line.

When you are positive that you are ready to buy real estate property, then there are some things that you must be aware of in order to give yourself the best chance possible of making a great purchase. Below are some handy little tips that you might want to consider before taking the next step.

Poor credit history

If you have poor credit history then you may want to really think if buying real estate is for you. It might be a better idea to spend the time repairing your credit score, rather than trying to get a

Guidelines to Help You When Buying Real Estate

If you are not aware of the things to be considered when buying real estate, it is more likely that you will be duped and will feel sorry in the end. Following are some guidelines which you can follow when buying real estate.

Research and gather comprehensive data on the real estate market. Lack of knowledge can lead you to nowhere, thus you need to equip yourself with adequate information on real property and apply it when choosing your house. Knowing the rules of buying real estate will assist you in your search for a house.

Picture in your mind the kind of house that you want. The real estate market offers various kinds of houses. With the so many designs and styles, you can be sidetracked on the exact house that you are looking for. The Internet offers plenty of options to help you decide prior to your purchase.

Look for referrals from your relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. If you have a new neighbor, you can ask him where he got the information on the house that he bought. People you know are one of the

16 Tips to Buy Real Estate Successfully

1. Do not overanalyze. You may lose a lot of great opportunities to make great deal of money. Start making offers.

2. Get the property under a contract first with a safety clause.

3. Ask fellow investors, real estate broker about the property value. If it makes sense go ahead with the purchase.

4. If you are buying for a quick flip neighborhoods do not matter. What matters is the $$$ you are going to make.

5. Your perfect buy should be a house/condo/building in excellent condition and good neighborhood.

6. Your Second choice should be a cosmetic fixer in a good neighborhood.

7. Inspect the property. Try to get as many things fixed by the seller as possible. Check the neighborhood. Drive around the block. Look at the houses in the neighborhood, what is their condition. Look at the cars parked in the street. Old cars normally can tell you a lot about the neighborhood. Trash on the sidewalks can spell less then great neighborhood. Which in turns means you should buy and sell quickly (most of

Make Money Buying Real Estate

For three years, real estate was every investor’s darling. Double digit appreciation paired with low interest rates made real estate investing appear to be a no-brainer. However, the real estate investing playing field is littered with the bodies of house flippers and cash flow mis-calculators. The next few years will be easier to make money buying real estate than the previous “boom” years. The question is, who will recognize the opportunity and take advantage?

The opportunity to make money buying real estate lies in the overwhelming need for real estate buyers. In a classic sense, investors plus home buyers equal demand. However, in light of the credit crisis, mortgage disaster, and housing bust, for the first time since the Depression their is a true need for investors to buy property. Foreclosure has become a staunch reality for thousands of Americans. Foreclosure is looming for millions more. Banks are completely overwhelmed with late payments, loan modifications, foreclosures, and Bank Owned Real Estate.

Here is the most commonly over-looked key to the current real estate investing situation: bank rates. Go check out the current mortgage lending rates. They are still in the

Why Buy Real Estate On The Water

How would you like to live on the water? This is a dream that most people want to fulfill at some point and that is why I highly recommend buying real estate on the water. Not only will this give you a better home right now, it will also be better when it comes time to sell it. Just keep in mind that real estate on the water is very limited and that is why you need to get it now and hold onto it as long as you can.

Why Buy Real Estate On The Water

Better View – One of the reasons why you should buy real estate that is on the water is because it will come with a much better view. When you are looking at another house right in front of you that won’t get you the biggest price tag, a view of the water will though. This is why a lot of people like to buy real estate on the water because they know that once they are done enjoying it, then they can sell it for a huge profit to somebody else that

Discover Some Rules For Buying Real Estate With Roth IRA

If you are interested in buying real estate with Roth IRA funds, take some advice from an experienced investor. There are successful examples of a roll over IRA buying real estate and there are some failures. Learn from the mistakes of others and you can be one of the latest success stories.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to buying real estate with Roth IRA money, mistakes are costly. Let’s start with choosing the wrong custodian and go from there.

Here’s an unsuccessful example of a roll over IRA buying real estate. A man chose to take a roll-over from his traditional account and chose a custodian that offered self-investing. He deposited the funds into the account well within the 90 day time period to avoid IRS penalties.

Once he started reading the fine print, he realized that the custodian he had chosen took 45% of his earned interest on un-invested cash balances. He also learned that for each transaction, he would be charged fees ranging from $25-$150. He did a little research and found a different custodian that only charged a reasonable annual fee, while offering more investment options.

When buying real

How Blogging Is Changing The Face Of Real Estate Marketing

The Internet is revolutionizing a lot of aspects of human endeavor these days, from dealing with social relationships, selling products and services and dealing with real estate.

For real estate marketing, the stylish thing to do these days is to get a blog now. Funny as it may sound, many will be asking why should I blog?, and what’s a real estate blog by the way?”

Technically, the term “blog” refers to a short cut reference for “Web Log”, just like a ship captain’s or night watchman’s log. Before, these blogs were viewed as personal journals posted on the Internet for everyone to read, and upon which readers could also comment on.

Blogging started out with very limited groups or circles of readers, and was more of a personal journal stuff, which had photos, information and links to things of mutual interest. These days, one may have a personal journal blog and post his or her personal thoughts, and even political or social views. One could also place links in their blogs to review books or movies. A lot has evolved with blogging, so much that even