How to Become a Real Estate Agent

If you’re wondering how to become a real estate agent, the basic process is fairly simple, although it does vary a lot from state to state.. You will need to take classes, pass exams, earn a real estate license, find a broker to work for, then find sellers or buyers as clients.

To successfully practice as a real estate agent in this competitive business can be challenging. You’ll have to stay current on legal changes, understand the real estate contracts and be technologically aware. If you are determined, the payout can be huge.

Here are the basics of what you need to know about becoming a real estate agent.

1) Real Estate Agent Licensing Requirements

The Licensing requirements are different for each state. In general, you will have to:

-Meet an age requirement

-Pass a background check

-Complete approved real estate courses from a state-approved school

-Pass a state exam

-Complete an application form

-Submit various fees

Agents just earning their license work for a real estate broker. Most new agents sign up with one of the big company brokerages. If you decide at some point to